Our Story


About BuShea Butta

Our product is made with 100% whipped white shea butter and exclusive oil fragrances. We also have unscented shea butter for those who have skin sensitivities. Our body scrubs are only made with organic salts and oils.

BuShea Butta was started due to my journey of deciding to use natural products to try and eliminate all of the chemicals my body takes in. There are so many chemicals in the lotions, hair products & deodorants we use. I learned a few years ago that aluminum in deodorant was one factor that can cause breast cancer in women, with that knowledge I now only use natural deodorants that do not have aluminum.

Join in the natural product movement by using BuShea Butta which is a luxury skin care brand that will leave you moisturized and smelling amazing! Some of the benefits to using shea butter on a regular basis are, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins A, E & F, natural SPF, may be able to alleviate eczema & psorasisis, can fade dark marks & scars over time.